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Enforcing A Judgment Or Arbitration Award

Obtaining a judgment in your favor does not necessarily amount to a victory. A judgment is worthless if left unenforced. The first step — obtaining a favorable decision — is perhaps overshadowed by the equally important necessity of enforcing the judgment.

How To Collect On A Judgment

The enforcement process may involve several steps. For example, to enforce an out-of-state or foreign (international) judgment, you must first domesticate the judgment in Florida courts. Likewise, enforcing an arbitration award requires court confirmation. You must also adhere to detailed legal notice requirements and other procedural hurdles to collect on the judgment.

For many creditors, this process can be just as burdensome as the underlying lawsuit.

At The Levey Law Firm, we strive to make it easy. The firm is a strong and reputable legal ally for creditors seeking to collect on judgments in Florida. Based in Miami, we partner with creditors and legal counsel around the world to provide efficient collection services.

Our Effective Approach To Getting Results

Our attorneys appreciate the importance of swift, aggressive action in commercial debt collection matters. We know that your financial interests — and perhaps even the success of your business — are on the line. Our goal is to curb your losses by acting quickly and effectively to secure what you’re owed.

We utilize various legal tools for collecting on judgments, including:

In sum, we are not afraid to take action that has teeth. We use every means available to get good results, fast.

To learn more about enforcing a judgment, contact lawyer Lewis J. Levey at 800-618-9938.