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Cable Piracy: Combating A Serious Problem

Many people realize that theft is wrong. Yet fewer appreciate the significance of theft involving intangible services such as cable television or pay-per-view networks. The alarming prevalence of cable piracy points to a widespread problem.

For cable licensors, cable TV theft and misappropriation of cable products — especially pay-per-view services — can cost a fortune in lost revenues and licensing fees. Often the only way to halt piracy in its tracks is through decisive legal action.

Protecting The Intellectual Property Rights Of Cable Providers

At The Levey Law Firm, we take a strong stance against all forms of cable piracy. Our team of litigators helps cable licensors take the necessary legal steps to enforce their rights and protect their financial interests.

As a leading Florida firm in the area of cable piracy, we have successfully handled a high volume of these cases — perhaps more than any other firm in Florida. We apply the extensive experience we’ve gained to deliver results-driven representation. Our attorneys will work hard to curb your company’s losses through swift and decisive legal action.

Our impact: The firm’s many victories on behalf of pay-per-view licensees have put a significant dent in cable piracy across Florida.

In addition to cable piracy, we also handle claims involving Internet piracy, trade secret misappropriation and other forms of intellectual property violations.

Pursuing Compensation For Unlicensed Public Screenings

One of the most common violations that we see involves sports bars, restaurants, nightclubs, salons and other businesses that publicly screen cable products without securing the correct license to do so. Depending on the seating capacity of the establishment, the business may be violating not only the terms of its contract with the service provider, but also state and federal law. Statutory fines for pay-per-view events can exceed $100,000.

Our firm takes an aggressive approach to these cases, exploring every avenue for stopping the piracy and securing compensation.

Take Action

Let us help you put a halt to cable piracy. Call our Senior Partner, Lewis J. Levey, at 800-618-9938 or contact our lawyers online to start strategizing a course of action. Based in Miami, we handle cases statewide.