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Protecting Intellectual Property Rights Through Trade Secret Litigation

Countless businesses rely on proprietary information for their successful operation. Arguably the entire American economy rests on innovation — and the rights that go along with intellectual property ownership.

What’s Qualified For Protection?

Trade secrets are entitled to legal protection against infringement. How do you know whether something qualifies as a trade secret? The answer depends in part on whether it’s widely known — and whether the business takes steps to prevent it from becoming widely known.

Florida law defines trade secrets as information or processes that have economic value as a result of their “secret” nature. Once those secrets become known to the public and widely used, the owning business loses its competitive advantage. Thus the law recognizes the value of protecting trade secrets against theft or misappropriation.

Here are some examples of information that commonly fits under the umbrella of trade secrets:

  • Customer lists and customer-related data
  • Production methods or processes
  • Internal programs, structures or ways of doing business
  • Patterns or formulas

Trade secret misappropriation most commonly occurs when a former partner or employee misappropriates company data. These situations may also involve breach of a confidentiality agreement. For the affected business, the infringement may take a significant financial toll, resulting in unfair competition and loss of market differentiators.

Take Action To Shield Your Trade Secrets

At The Levey Law Firm, we stand up against all forms of intellectual property infringement. We recognize that when a business’s trade secrets are in jeopardy, so, too, are its profits and position in the marketplace. Our attorneys take swift and aggressive action on behalf of business clients to protect their interests.

We recognize the high financial stakes involved in trade secret litigation. You can count on our lawyers to pursue every means available for securing full legal recourse, fast.

Learn more by  contacting lawyer Lewis J. Levey online or calling 800-618-9938. Based in Miami, our clients include businesses statewide and around the world.