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Domesticating Foreign Judgments To Collect On Debts

When you need to enforce an out-of-state judgment in Florida, you first need to “domesticate” the judgment by filing it with Florida courts. This is also true of judgments from other countries. Without completing this key hurdle, you will not be able to collect on the judgment, and the debtors’ assets may remain out of your reach.

What’s Involved In The Process

There are several detailed steps involved in domesticating a foreign judgment. First, you must ensure that it is filed in the appropriate venue — typically, the court where the debtor resides or where the debtor’s assets are located. The judgment may be filed in the circuit or county court, depending on the amount involved. You must also file detailed information regarding the judgment, the debtor, the debtor’s assets and other key issues. After a 30-day notice period, you can undertake additional judgment collection efforts such as garnishment.

The specifics of this process vary by county. At The Levey Law Firm, a Miami-based commercial law firm, our lawyers practice in all of Florida’s 67 counties. We are familiar with the nuances of each.

Our firm is highly regarded as a go-to resource in South Florida for creditors worldwide. We represent creditors and serve as local legal counsel for those seeking to enforce foreign judgments.

Partner With Us To Pursue Fast Results

As a creditor, your financial interests are at stake with every overdue payment. We recognize the importance of decisive action to produce fast results. With decades of legal experience, our attorneys understand the proactive strategies involved in moving collection efforts forward to a successful conclusion. We invest the time, dedication and effort necessary to advance your interests in the most effective — and economic — manner.

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