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Fighting For The Bottom Line
Of Businesses Worldwide

Florida Debt Collection For Creditors Worldwide

We represent banks, credit unions, and lenders who are owed money on loans and leases. We have experienced staff able to handle large volumes of collections cases throughout Florida.

The Port of Miami is an international hub for trade and commerce. Businesses around the globe ship goods through Florida’s waters.

An unwanted yet inevitable consequence of this high trade volume is the need for commercial collections. When the other party to a transaction fails to uphold the terms of the agreement, you may find yourself needing local legal counsel to fight for your financial interests.

Proactive Representation For Creditors Aggressive Action, Fast Results

When another business or individual owes you money, every day that party fails to pay can quickly add up, costing you in terms of lost revenue, lost financial opportunities and even lost sleep. Fast results matter. The sooner you can get what you’re owed, the sooner you can return to focusing on your business.

We understand the time-value of money. At The Levey Law Firm, our legal team applies a full-court press in every commercial collections case. We actively push cases through the legal system rather than letting them languish. Our goal is the same as yours — to collect on the debt as fully and rapidly as possible.

Our motto: We fight delay to make them pay..

Serving A Global Clientele

When you need to collect from a debtor in Florida, our experienced litigators can be your strongest legal allies. Our attorneys domesticate and enforce judgments from other states as well as other countries.

Based in Miami, we routinely handle debt collections in any of Florida’s 67 counties. Our clients include businesses — and business owners — from around the world. We work with wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers, banks, credit unions, merchants, corporations and any type of creditor, using phone and email communications to maximize efficiency.

The first step is to call lawyer Lewis J. Levey at 800-618-9938 for immediate legal guidance on domestic or international debt collection. You can also submit the online contact form.