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Fighting For The Bottom Line
Of Businesses Worldwide

Fighting For The Bottom Line
Of Businesses Worldwide

Collecting Accounts Receivable

Collecting Past Due Accounts From Florida Businesses

In these challenging times, it is hard for a business to stay profitable when it is not promptly paid for all goods or services sold. When customers and clients fail to pay their invoices, it is extremely difficult to remain successful.

Collection of accounts receivable is an important part of any business – whether a small company or a large corporation. If you need commercial debt collection services, contact The Levey Law Firm, P. A. to get your invoices paid.

Contact our Miami law firm for more information about our attorneys’ extensive experience, past results and available fee arrangements.

We Know How to Force Payment of Unpaid Invoices, Debts and Bills

From telephone calls and demand letters to lawsuits and judgments, our firm is experienced with all collection strategies. We know how to avoid delay. We always act professionally and ethically, while aggressively enforcing your right to payment.

There are only two ways to get your money: voluntary and involuntary. We know how to use both methods to obtain the money you are owed – whether the debtor wants to pay or not. Our main strategy is to make debtors realize that making voluntary payment is best for them. If they don’t agree to pay, we use the various legal means to seek payment through the involuntary legal force available under Florida law. We seize assets and we seize bank accounts.

Unlike collection agencies, our collection attorneys can take all steps necessary to collect accounts receivable. As experienced commercial litigation lawyers, we can obtain a court judgment and use legal methods to enforce the judgment such as:

  • Garnishment of bank accounts, wages, salary or other income or property of the debtor
  • Replevin
  • Attachment
  • Foreclosure
  • Execution
  • Levy

Business Debts Governed by the Uniform Commercial Code

In general, the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) governs the sale of goods between businesses and by businesses to others. The UCC addresses issues such as what terms must be spelled out in a contract, when delivery must occur, warranty issues and what rights you have when things go awry.

The UCC also provides guidelines on purchase money security interests and defines the ability to use guaranties, and how and where payment must occur. Our litigation department has experience handling every variety of UCC dispute and is prepared to help you litigate, whether you are the buyer or the seller, plaintiff or defendant, and enforce your rights.

Contact Us to Collect Your Accounts Receivable

If you are a merchant, professional, or small company with too many receivables on your books, act now to recover the money you are legally entitled to. Contact us to discuss your collection needs. In most cases, our Senior Partner, Lewis J. Levey, will contact you to discuss your matter the same day. You can also call 800-618-9938.