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Fighting For The Bottom Line
Of Businesses Worldwide

Commercial Litigation: Economic And Efficient Legal Services

Resolving legal disputes in an efficient, effective manner is vital for the health and success of every business. Legal problems, like physical ailments, can readily escalate — especially if not properly handled early on. Guarding against the financial drain of a legal dispute requires early intervention and strategic planning.

In the Miami area, the law firm of The Levey Law Firm serves as a trusted legal resource for business clients worldwide. We combine vast knowledge of business law with a thorough understanding of business itself. Through many decades of professional practice, our attorneys have gained the legal and financial savvy necessary for protecting the interests of clients in high-stakes disputes.

Legal Services Geared Toward The Bottom Line Of Your Business

The Levey Law Firm handles all types of commercial litigation. We represent buyers, sellers, distributors, and other parties in pursuing or defending against a broad array of claims, including:

The success of your business is our utmost concern. We’ll look for every opportunity to protect your bottom line — whether that means finding leverage to negotiate a strong settlement, taking decisive action through a collection claim or pursuing legal recourse through litigation.

Resolving Disputes Under The Uniform Commercial Code

Many of the firm’s clients are involved in buying and selling goods. Our lawyers understand the economics involved in sales made on credit and cargo and trade disputes. We represent manufacturers, distributors, merchants and resellers in and out of court. We understand the complex provisions of law that govern these disputes and have the experience to resolve such disputes.

Florida and all states in the U.S. are governed by the Uniform Commercial Code, a statute that impacts disputes involving the sale of goods. Understanding the UCC’s provisions — when and how it applies — is essential for making a strong case and taking care of business. We are well-equipped with in-depth knowledge of the UCC and other statutes that may come into play.

We invite you to contact our office and speak to our Senior Partner, Lewis J. Levey, for more information about our commercial litigation practice. Call 800-618-9938 to speak Mr. Levey.