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Trying to collect a debt? Remember the rules

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2022 | Collections |

People will usually get defensive when a bill collector contacts them. Sometimes, debtors can be downright rude. As a professional debt collector, however,  it’s up to you to ensure that you comply with the applicable laws that govern the profession. 

You can never harass a debtor in an effort to collect a debt. You also can’t make threats, especially those that involve violence or actions that you never plan to take. It might behoove you to remember that collecting debts is a job that you shouldn’t allow to affect you emotionally.

No deception is allowed

You can’t use any type of deception in your effort to collect a debt. This includes misrepresenting who you are. For example, you can’t claim that you’re an attorney or a member of law enforcement if you aren’t. You also can’t threaten to have someone arrested or say that you’re going to have them physically harmed. 

Another thing that debt collectors must avoid is using profane language. You can never use obscenities when you’re trying to collect a debt. It doesn’t matter how upset someone gets with you, and even if they use foul language, you can’t return that type of language to them.

It’s important that you never do anything that a debtor can use against you when you’re trying to collect a debt. If you find out that a debtor is taking legal action against your company, you must ensure that you take swift action to protect the company. 

Working with someone who’s familiar with these laws is beneficial so they can explain your options and what may happen as you prepare to fight the accusations against your company.